Deck the chairs: A fun tradition for people and Deck The Chairs: An Inside Look


It is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the time when everyone comes together in the holiday spirit to see Deck the Chairs. At Deck the Chairs, there are dancers from studios who perform for everyone, and lights and decoration are there to see and enjoy. The light and decorations are on lifeguard chairs because Deck the chairs are located by Jax. Beach. Deck the Chairs is super festive and fun for all ages.

“I am so excited to perform this year!” said Rylee West, a young dancer.

The main event of Deck the Chairs is the dancers that are performing. The dancers on stage perform Christmas music. Christmas Eve, Underneath the Tree, and All I Want for Christmas is You are popular songs that the dancers will dance to. The dancers wear their spirit wear for their dance studio when they perform, and there are groups of 4-6 dancers in the small groups and 15-20 dancers in the large groups. At the event there are also bands and choirs who also perform. Dancers are the main event on the stage at Deck the Chairs when they perform.

“They always build this cool octopus out of recycled trash.” Rylee said enthusiastically.

When it comes to setting up Deck the Chairs, let us just say they spare no effort. True, it takes a long time, but it is worth it. The big octopus is made from trash that volunteers picked up from the beach, so it is not only cool to look at, but it also helps the environment. The decorations are different every year. The chairs have different lights decorations like there is a Santa chair or a snow man chair. When it comes to the beautiful chairs it is always the greatest sight to see.

“Deck the Chairs is super fun and I always enjoy doing it.” said Rylee

Deck the Chairs brings out the holiday spirit in everyone and never fails to bring people together. From the fabulous dancers to the amazing decorations, Deck the Chairs never fails to amaze everyone. It is perfect for the holidays when your family is in town, and you have time to relax. The best time to come is about 7:00pm. At 7:00 all the lights turn on, but it is not too dark that you cannot see. It is also fun to come with all your friends and take pictures. Deck the Chairs is an event the goes on all month of December. So come with your friends and family to have fun and with the show!

Additional information By Line: Simone Thomasino, Hadley McLeod, and Elouise Owen

Since 2013, lots of effort from our Jacksonville community has been put into the joyful experience of Deck The Chairs (DTC). This now very popular celebration is a Christmas charity event located in Jacksonville Beach, filled with bright lights, cheerful chatter, and high holiday spirits. DTC

has partnered with multiple small businesses and non-profit organizations that brings the whole thing together.

DTC even has dance performances from a variety of local dance studios. This includes Atlantic Coast Dance Studio (ACDS), BK Elite Dance Team, SET Studios, Dansations, and others. These teams work very hard and put on a great performance, which leaves interest and the remaining question; what goes on behind the scenes of DTC?

“Deck The Chairs overall was a great experience, but the slippery stage presented a challenge. Not to mention, the outdoor set-up came with uncontrolled conditions. With lots of people crowding, it was very hot, and our team was very compacted backstage in the small space,” explained Ella DeLuca, a 12-year-old dancer at ACDS. As an experienced performer, Ella can adapt to sudden change, but she had a bit of a fall while on stage at DTC.

“While performing on the extra slippery stage, due to a foam blowing machine and the concrete material, my friend and I slipped while doing front handsprings,” claimed Ella. Although a performance may seem flawless from an observer’s point of view, almost no dances are completely perfect, and a lot more is going on in the moment than you think.

With holiday cheer present, Ella shared, “My favorite part of performing at DTC is seeing others enjoy the dance and having fun bonding time with my teammates.” Even after working hard for months, at the end of the day, the team had a great experience at DTC and they look forward to next year.

Overall, the holiday cheer and joy is spread by everyone at DTC. It is a great event, and even though the works of it all may seem complicated, the outcome is always spectacular thanks to the hardworking performers, businesses, sponsors, and other contributors.