Why TikTok is more user friendly than any other social media apps 


"Tiktok" by TheBetterDay is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Tiktok around the world has gained popularity.

Jordan Rowe , Staff Writer

At first glance, TikTok may seem like just another generic social media, with nothing special that separates it from other interactive apps. However it is very different because while other social media apps give you the same old bland content of hard to photoshop edits of people that seem almost fake, TikTok gives you real people, who you can relate too. How?, with personalization settings, easy editing features so that anyone is able to create their desired content, and the ability to safely message and talk to new people without dangers of viewing inappropriate content. 

I am willfully aware that many other apps besides TikTok have personalization settings however, with many other apps Ive experienced issues getting content that I not only enjoyed but also related to personally. Many apps also fail to keep me entertained due to having lengthy content, such as YouTube, or just the same pictures over and over, such as Instagram. I find using TikTok to be more enjoyable because it allows me to not only to view content of real people, but it also keeps videos short and easy to make and watch. On top of this if I ever were to come across content I found unenjoyable, I can easily mark it as something I’m not interested in and continue on to watch videos that have been filtered to my interests based on other videos I interact with, other users I follow, or content similar to my own. 

To continue with my point, TikTok is not only one of my favorite apps to view content but also to make content. In the area I live Its hard for me to find people with similar interests to me so, I started posting videos about my interests not expecting anyone to find them but thanks to TikTok ‘s algorithm many people like me started viewing my content, which was also very easy to make since TikTok videos are short, simple, and easy to edit. I enjoy this especially because it makes me feel like the other people on the app that I interact with are just like me; real people with real people who use this app as an escape from the struggles of everyday. Seeing other people enjoy my content and telling me it makes their day better, helps relieve a lot of stress on me. 

However despite the emphasis Ive put  on the last two features, I would have to say that the best part of TikTok is the ability to easily and safely make new friends and mutual with the same interests as you.  A lot of people I meet in real life don’t always enjoy everything I do and are often busy and not there when I need them. With the easy communication settings TikTok provides I can easily make new friends and connect with older ones. Now I have many friends so there is always someone there for me when I need support, all thanks to TikTok. 


So if your looking for somewhere to share your hobbies, express your interests, or even just meet new people I suggest going to TikTok before anywhere else. In my experience I would give it a five star rating for being extremely user friendly and a safe space for people who feel that they have no one else to talk too.