The effects of COVID 19 on this year’s holiday season 

Alexandra Wright,  Audrey Huveldt

This year’s holiday season will look a little bit different due to COVID 19. Many things have been changed or adjusted like traveling, seeing family, many fun events, and shopping. Lots of students explained what their Christmas will look like this year with COVID in the picture. 

This year students all have many different plans on where or if they will be traveling for the holidays. 

“This year I will be traveling to Houston, Texas to see my grandparents, but we are doing it distanced because they are older and we do not want them to get sick,” said 7th grader Julia Preston. 

“My family is going to stay home this year because my grandparents are high risk, but we are usually able to see them or other family,” said Lainey Moorman. 

COVID has affected our Christmas very greatly this year, however some students are still able to see their family, even if it means through zoom. 

“My family is going to be coming down from Massachusetts for Christmas this year,” said Landrum student Anaka Davidson. “We also will zoom our extended family,” added Davidson. 

“I won’t be able to travel or see any family because of COVID this year, however I would feel comfortable seeing them if they took previous precautions,” said Madalyn Martin. 

Many shops, fun events, and shows are still open but are taking precautions. Many people also shop online for Christmas this year. 

“I don’t want COVID to stop me from doing certain things, but I still think it is very important to wear a mask. I would feel comfortable going to holiday events as long as there was distancing involved,” said Alexandra Sala. 

Christmas will look a little different this year, just like everything else during the coronavirus epidemic. But, if you look at it another way, the pandemic does offer opportunities to make this holiday a season to remember in new and different ways.