Evolution of Fortnite 


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Fortnite gamer hot at the controls.

Emmett Grzebin, Ryker Kemp  

Landrum Middle School is buzzing after the new Fortnite Battle Royale update, it has taken the school by storm. The few students who still play Fortnite are excited about this new change. 

“I played the new update right when it came out the other night,” said 6th grader, Jake Mason. 

Fortnite Season 2 was when everybody seemed to have started playing. In December of 2017 the first big update of the game introduced a Christmas update and many popular skins and purchasable items in game, this also included a Seasonal battle pass with 80 tiers where you could get skins, pickaxes, and many other cosmetics. Around this times Fortnite started booming with around 125 million players 

“I started playing in Season 2, when the game started to become fun,” Sean Grzebin said. 

In Season 3 according to gamesradar.com was the rise of Fortnite and the second most popular Season with almost 280 million players. It came out with many new locations such as Risky Reels and Lucky Landing and a full 100 tier battle pass which has been common throughout every Season since then. Season 3 was also the first Season where there was a theme of the Season, the theme of this Season was space exploration. Many skins pickaxes and tother gliders and such things were based of space. 

“I started in Season 3 because that’s when my friends started,” said Blake Powers. 

Season 3 was when I bought my first battle pass,” stated Brian Case. 

In Season 4-6 there was the most popularity with about 350-400 million players it was assumed this happened because of the little change of the game which players liked 

Season 7 was in 2018 which was when Fortnite was at the height of its powers with almost 400 million global players. Fortnite started going on the decline is when they changed the map. We started seeing big map changes in Season 8 when a volcano formed, and popular map location Tilted Towers was demolished by a Volcanic eruption and was the main theme of that Season. 

“Tilted was my favorite spot to drop back in early Seasons,” stated Jake Mason. 

Many people stopped playing Fortnite when they came out with a separate chapter and new Seasons came out. 

“I stopped playing Fortnite back at the end of chapter 1.” Said J.M. Pawlick 

According to gamesradar.com the number of players between 2017 and 2020 has decreased by 150 million players. There are now only 200 million global players compared to its height of popularity between 2017-2018. 

In  Season 10 there was a lot of good things that happened which brought back many players which was an update that brought Tilted Towers back and a Fortnite World cup. Many people were expecting something weird for Season 11 but it ended in a popular event called the black hole. This event surprised players because the game was not playable for 36 hours. After this event it created a new chapter of which brought a new map and new weapons. 

“I did not like Season 1 Chapter 1 it was very dis-likable and not enjoyable,” said J.M. Pawlick. 

“I love the new Season with locations and guns,” said Jake Mason 

Most of the new Seasons have not been very popular with the global players dropping to almost 70-100 million, but when Season 5 came out many players came back because of the return of tilted towers. Season 5 came out these excited fans because of new updates to maps and players.