How has COVID-19 changed band class?


Zach Pate

The auditorium is currently the band room during Covid restrictions.

Leslie Ray, Zachary Pate

With COVID-19 taking over the country, schools is forced to do things differently. At Landrum Middle School, band room (debatably) changed the most. From face shields, to moving rooms, Students have had to adapt to the changes. Alli Luytjes, a flute player and seventh grader at LMS, thinks that these changes make it harder to practice and play. The Florida school board regulations state that every student must always wear their mask unless a student is inside their desk shield. With each student having their mask off in band they must stay from 6-10 feet away from each other depending on the instrument. Also, each student must each have a covering on their instruments bell, but a flute needs a shield In front of their face because they can’t have a shield on their instrument. They must have one on their face because that is where all the saliva and air comes out. “…we can’t practice with other people because we have to socially distance.” Alli complained. To slow the spread of COVID, Mrs. Sacharski, The band director, has taken many precautions. Each instrument has some sort of cover or shield for the bell. In the flutes case, a face shield. Every student’s chair is spaced out by 6 feet, and while playing the instrument, the students can take their masks down, but even with these extra steps, the virus can still be spread. While being quarantined, Alli did not have a fun experience. “It’s horrible.” she said.

“she basically forgets about us and we can’t play with the band.” Alli remembers. While trying to make out what Mrs. Sacharski was saying, she’d hear a random trombone in the background. Daniel, A seventh grade trombone player, has much more subdued opinions of the band class change.

“We used to be able to work in groups and now it’s hard to hear the person right next to you, much less the people in the front of the room.” He commented Daniel thinks that the bell covers don’t restrict playing, Alli on the other hand, believes that they are useless. “They literally do nothing, and it makes my instrument way harder to play” Alli said.

“The biggest change this year is the location of the band room. We are now in the auditorium instead of the actual band room. We can space out and be more socially distant in the auditorium” Complained Mrs. Sacharski the band teacher at LMS “COVID has dramatically affected how I teach band! The students must be spaced out in the auditorium (6 feet apart), they have to place “bell covers” on their instruments, and it is challenging to give feedback to each student while I am simultaneously teaching the Distance Learners on Zoom.” Added Mrs. Sacharski

While Alli and Daniels’s views on the changes are different, one thing is clear. Because of COVID, the education system has taken a turn for the worst. Everyone is hoping for the best, but there’s not a lot we can do besides what we already are. And just remember, Dont do drugs (Unless its the COVID vaccine)