Update the School Reward System

Tate Seroyer, Shephard Miller

The School Reward System is a system for students to feel good about their grades. How it works is if students get an A in a class you get ten points, if you get a B in a class you get seven points, if you get a C in a class you get five points, and if you get a D you get three points. Also, if you get all A’s you get eighty points.

All these points go to a student’s account, then you can buy rewards with your points. Items you can buy are PBS cards, pencils, food from the lunch line, homework passes, and a day off from school. But these rewards cost a fair price such as homework passes and a day off from school. A Homework pass cost fifteen points, but you can buy three for forty points. Three pencils cost ten points. Anything from the lunch line is twenty points. A day off school is two hundred and forty points. A free lunch is forty-five points. One PBS card is fifteen points, and three PBS cards is forty points. You can also buy a journal for twenty points. You can buy a Landrum hoodie for points fifty. You may wonder were these points go, they will go to your student I.D card. There will card swipers at the locations where you can redeem your points for rewards. Also, at the front office they will be able to check the balance of you points.

“I like it, I think it’s great” said Jack Berquist. It provides motivation to get good grades.

“I love it, I personally think it’s great” said Gruven Krause. It provides a prize and most of the time people need a reward to work for.

“I think it’s a cool idea, I would be happy to see it at the school” said Tony Furfari. There would be less bad grades and more good grades.

“I think it’s an amazing idea, I could look forward to it in the future” said Hadley Mcleod.

“I would love that, I feel highly about this” said Talan Babin. I like the new system because there is an incentive to behave better.

“I like it because it a cool Idea” said Jake Mason. It’s a great idea to let students have a say in their grades for a prize.

“I think it’s a good positive reinforcement” said Ms. Wray.

Having a School Reward System will influence students to get better grades