A Shorty Story: Trapped Inside


Image Courtesy of Wellmind.com

Alexis Ash, Staff Writer

My eyes fluttered open at the soft pitter patter of Ollie’s paws in my room. I was staring up at the ceiling, but then the light shining from the window next to my bed caught my eyes. I peeked out my window overlooking the empty city and saw the morning sky. It was too early to wake up considering I usually wake up around noon when I don’t have online school. I almost instinctively pulled my blanket back on and closed my tired eyes. My friends and I had one of our famous Netflix Parties last night. One of our many traditions we do during quarantine. Friday Netflix Party night. We started out with a comedy and ended the night at 2 a.m. with a horror film. But I did not close my eyes because I wanted more sleep. I wanted to soak up my dream. It was exhilarating, being outside in the real world without a mask or gloves. Instead of being stuck up in the two-bedroom apartment with my mom. Before the governor declared a state of emergency. Before Coronavirus. I was at my high school’s field with my varsity softball team most likely practicing. We were all laughing and having a good time, soaking up the sun’s rays and then…I sighed. Ollie was whining while nudging my arm that was hanging off my bed. “Me too buddy” I said faintly while giving him a rub between his ears. I wobbled off my bed still in a sleep deprived haze without even an attempt to make by bed and lumbered to the center of the room. You could call it an organized mess. My germophobe side was noticeable. Two words: toilet paper. Due to my last Costco visit (who knows how long ago) I stocked up on everything. Toilet paper was in stacks cluttered about. Books were everywhere, I had a few plants, and my newest abstract paintings were hung up. Reading, tending to plants, and painting are a few ways to cure quarantine boredom. And of course, I had my lucky softball on a shelf. My desk was organized at least. If online school means anything, it means having a clean designated workspace. My computer took up most of the space anyway. Ollie found a nice spot to lay down on the rug in my room near his dog toys, while I inspected myself in the mirror in my bathroom. Tired. My eyes had a tint of red and I had bags underneath. I made the executive decision to leave my comfy long sleeve pajamas on and tie my hair up in a bun. I did not look any less tired. As I was debating to reread my favorite book again or binge a Netflix show, my computer showed an incoming FaceTime call. How could my friends even have the audacity to call at 8 a.m. in the morning after a Friday Night Netflix Party? The temptation to pick up the call overruled any drowsy resentment. I walked over to my desk and sat down if my chair as I clicked accept on the FaceTime. Lisa had her cat, Luna on the screen, Lizzy was showing her face, Alec was showing his face, and Simon had his face too close to the camera. “Hi…” I uttered. My voice still sounded groggy, so I made a mental note to clear my throat before I spoke again. “Wasn’t expecting a call this early” Lizzy commented. My thoughts exactly. Lisa put Luna down and practically squealed in her high voice, “AHHH I HAVE AN IDEAAA.” Everyone blatantly expressed curiosity. Even with my hazy brain, I was interested. Simon, still too close to the camera exclaimed, “What could this be…” “Let me guess, we’re going to watch a rom com tonight on Netflix Party” said Alec sarcastically. “Probably” Lizzy added. “No guys listen!!!!” said a frustrated Lisa. “We should have a virtual prom! It is all the rage right now. We dress up in our prom outfits, cook dinner, play music, and FaceTime each other.” One of the many perks of Coronavirus was missing Prom. The theme this year was perfect! But now because of these “uncertain times” seniors don’t get a formal goodbye! Surviving four years of high school is not an easy feat. Graduation was cancelled too. It just adds to the whole mess. But then again going to public events puts me at risk of catching the deadly virus. My germophobe side could never. I cannot even imagine college as a freshman yet, but the virus put everything in perspective. Maybe a virtual prom was what I needed. Simon and Alec seemed a little awkward to the idea of virtual prom, but Lizzy and I responded in joy. “I love the idea of getting out of these pajamas and getting in a dress” I said. “AHH I know! Same Maddy!!!” responded Lisa. “Oooooh what should I cook? What music should we play?” said an excited Lizzy. Eventually the boys came around. “Ok bye guys!” Everyone said goodbye and I glanced out the window again. If I am going to be stuck indoors then I might as well, make the best of it. If I could only remember where my Prom dress was in my closet…