Yearbooks Delayed Till First Week of June

Printing plant closures could delay book till summer.


YERDS: Alexis Ash, Ella Holder, Ava Pollan, Sofia McIntosh and Sam Evans.

Sandra Pagliughi, Advisor

Landrum Middle School students will have to wait to receive their 2019-2020 Pride. The company that prints the yearbook, Herff Jones, has closed their printing plant until May 4th. Yearbooks are slated to ship May 23rd to arrive in early June.

LMS yearbook staff met their March 21st deadline even though they were on spring break when the last pages were cleared to print. This means that the book will be first to print when the plant resumes normal schedules.

When the books are ready to be received at Landrum students will be notified by an all call by Mr. Player and information from Ms. Pagliughi, yearbook advisor, when it becomes available. Remaining books can only be purchased online at for $40 till they sell out.