Best Places To Travel Over Winter Break


Alisa Margulis

Breathtaking mountains, fresh snow, clear, blue skies, beautiful and snowy cities, warm and cozy jackets, amazing foods and  delicacies, fun parades and festivals, and cities decked out in colorful lights

New York City, New York is a beautiful city that has so much to offer. This is the place to go for a calm, beautiful adventure. With the entire city decked out in colorful lights, there is so much to do with your family, starting out with simply walking around this amazing city and taking in its beauty. There are restaurants on every corner with delicacies from all over the world along with shopping on every street. Can’t forget about Central Park with a huge Christmas tree set in the center and a huge ice-skating rink.

Denver, Colorado is known for its incredible mountains. “I love Colorado, the mountains are beautiful and the skiing resorts are amazing” says Anna Herbert. Mountain Elbert is the highest and most popular in Denver for skiing, snowboarding, and other sports.  Aside from mountains, Denver is a beautiful city that has several monuments and museums that are beautiful and interesting. It’s a great place to visit for fun sports and incredible mountains.

Quebec, Canada is the ideal place to go for extreme sports, fun festivals, delicious French food and their extraordinary old city. Quebec has some of the best resorts for sports. All resorts there include green, blue and black slopes, several diamond courses, multiple tree and bump courses and a huge ice rink.  Plus, great hotels and cabins to stay at right at the resort. Every year, Quebec throws a huge parade for Christmas with more activities then you can imagine!  Things like racing in giant plastic balls down hills to things like contest on who can make the best ice sculpture. “I’ve lived here for 11 years now and the parade gets better every year. It never gets boring and now they have a huge building made completely out of ice with slides inside also made out of ice!” says Amy Gardon. Quebec’s old city is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful cities out there. With several restaurants on practically every street and its incredible view onto Saint Lawrence River along with its amazing historical buildings and museums. Quebec is the perfect place to go for everyone is your family to have a great time.

Lake Tahoe, California has stunning views of the lake and a gorgeous city. Lake Tahoe has awesome resorts. All their mountains have hiking and biking trails and from the top of all mountains is a mesmerizing view of the entire lake.  Every year for Christmas, Lake Tahoe decorates its mountains and slopes with colorful nights and keeps its resorts open all night for everyone that wants to go night hiking or skiing.

Paris, France is simply magical, with amazing mountains, and unique food.   Paris is a dream place to visit. There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible it is there. Every year, thy put on a huge light show on the Eiffel Tower and light fireworks. France is known for its exquisite delicacies. They have the best pastries and bakes in the world and the city has several Michelin star restaurants.

Whether you are traveling this holiday and future ones, these are some of the places you might want to visit.