Great Gifts Ideas!


Photo courtesy of Best Buy

Lilly Myers and Brandon Egolf

By Lilly Myers

Christmas is coming faster than everyone thought and their Christmas list is still blank. What is

everyone going to do? No need to worry this Christmas season, here’s a few ideas to fill in those empty


This year, Polaroid cameras have been very popular. This trendy gift also requires the film

called Instax. They are located at Best Buy, Walmart, Michaels, and Amazon. Another pretty trendy

gift this year is a record player. These antique looking players can be found on Amazon, at Urban

Outfitters, also at Walmart. A cheaper gift idea that someone can list is a reusable water bottle. These

water bottles are great gifts that can be used anywhere, such as school or the beach. These can be found at

almost every store available.

Electronics are also popular gift ideas this year. One example is the new Echo Dot. It’s similar to

Alexa and Google Home. Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond all carry these digital

assistants. Another new electronic is the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. It’s a portable printer to print your

favorite photos from your phone. These can be located at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Also, a basic

gift idea that can be a great gift for anyone is a Bluetooth speaker. These are easy portable speakers that

are able to be taken everywhere.

If all else fails, everyone knows that the easiest gift to buy anyone are gift cards. These only

require the place the person you’re buying for likes to visit and a trip to the store. Hopefully everyone’s

Christmas list is now full and they got a good idea of what they’re going to get their family and friends.

Christmas is right around the corner, and lots of people don’t know what they or their parents want. With so many different gift ideas it causing lots of people to become stressed out about what to get their children.

By Brandon Egolf

Some incredibly popular gifts many middle school students want is some sort of electronic that helps with everyday tasks.

“What I want for Christmas is an Apple Watch for the conveyance to be able to tell time and play games with something on your wrist.” Harjun Singh, the Landrum Middle School President, stated.

Some incredibly popular gifts many middle school students want is some sort of electronic that helps with everyday tasks.

Another popular gift for many students would be the Apple AirPods. Apple AirPods are wireless head phones that automatically connect with your device as soon as you take it out of the charging case (

One of the absolute greatest presents that almost every kid wants is some sort of smartphone. For example, The iPhone is a smartphone that is able to play games, use social media’s, and call/contact people from incredibly far away.

Some students don’t really want anything super expensive and just want clothes or something that they can enjoy without having to go on the internet.

“I want a sketchbook for Christmas because I’m an artist but don’t get to take any art classes because of band.” Carli Williams explained.

Many students are also stumped about what to get their parents. Some students are just making something for their parents instead of going out and buying a very expensive gift.

“I’m making my dad a scrapbook because he doesn’t want me and my mom to spend a lot of money on him, so I’m going to make him something from the heart.” Layne Swafford stated.

All in all, there are many different gifts you can get for Christmas, but it all depends on the person. From the heart, on the wrist, or from Apple it is the time for gift giving.