Student Opinions on Dog’s Tragic Death at Pet Paradise

Hayden Bradshaw, Mary Kate Reynolds

Recently, a dog named Chloe passed away at a local pet daycare, Pet Paradise, after her owner dropped her off for Thanksgiving. Chloe’s owner, John Delaney, dropped her and his other dog, Teddi, off at the doggie-day-care. Shortly after arriving at his destination, Delaney received a call from Pet Paradise saying that Chloe was having seizures and wasn’t getting any better. By the time John returned home, Chloe remained in the same condition, and they decided to put her down. Interestingly, Teddi came out alive but also sick.

Moreover, Delaney said that both of his dogs went to the vet before going to Pet Paradise and reported healthy. Delaney does not know what to think; if it was Pet Paradise’s fault or if both of his dogs were actually not healthy. Sadly, when things could not get any worse, Delaney received a message from Pet Paradise; “I had so much fun at Pet Paradise, I can’t wait for my next stay, please take me back. –love, Chloe.”

Consequently, John Delaney was distraught that he received a message from his dead dog, and although he knew that it wasn’t really from Chloe, he thought that Pet Paradise should have payed more attention, especially since his dog had died in their care.  Pet Paradise claimed that it was an automatic message, and they didn’t mean to send it. Of course, this did not help Pet Paradise out, considering that Delaney was debating if he should take legal action. In the end, Delaney decided not to take legal action because he knew that Pet Paradise did everything they could to save Chloe, and he just wants people to know what happened and for people who take their pets there to understand the risks.

As a result, Landrum students gave their opinions and shared their stories about losing a pet they loved. Emily Loftus, a seventh-grader at Landrum, explained “It is not Pet Paradise’s fault that Chloe died. If you had medical specialists, then they probably did everything they could. Chloe was old, and it was probably just bad timing.” This could be a possible factor, but anything could have caused Chloe’s sudden seizure.

Furthermore, Juliana Smith stated “It was possibly Pet Paradise’s fault, but they did everything they could and they wouldn’t purposefully harm an animal. I once went out of town and dropped my cat off at a pet daycare place, and while I was gone the place contacted my family and said that my cat was having seizures and they were going to put her down. I was so sad but I knew that they tried their hardest to save my cat.” It is very similar to what happened with Chloe, down to the seizure and everything.

In addition, Brandon Egolf agrees that Pet Paradise did everything they could to save Chloe. “I don’t think anyone is at fault. It was just bad timing and Pet Paradise would never do anything on purpose to kill an animal.”  John Delaney thinks the same thing, and that is why he didn’t decide to sue or take any other legal action towards Pet Paradise. He just thinks it’s important for people to know the risks of boarding their pets at places like Pet Paradise.

On the other hand, Calum Dwyer expresses “Pet Paradise should be a place where pets can feel safe and be happy. It’s sad that Chloe had to suffer without her family. Pet Paradise needs to live up to their name and be a paradise for animals, not somewhere they die.”

In general, there has been a lot of disagreement about Chloe’s death, but things like this happen and there’s nothing you can do to go back and change them. For anybody who does board their pets when they go on vacation, it is important to remember that anything can happen to your pets and you may or may not be responsible for it. So, next time you leave your pet at some kind of daycare, think of what could happen and think of Chloe’s story.