The Library- Not Just for Books Anymore


Ava Pollock

Stereotypically, the library is known as a place where you can barely whisper without getting in trouble or where you have to sneak in a snack without anyone noticing. However, the Landrum Middle School Library is full of students- either for books, catching up with friends, or library lunch. Where has this sudden flood of interest come from?

If you were to look in the window of the library before school starts, you would probably see the hordes of students chatting with their friends before they go to their 1st period classes. Ethan Berger, a 6th grade student, goes to the library to catch up with friends he doesn’t have classes with. “I don’t see some of my friends because we don’t have the same classes together, and the library is a place where we can all see each other at the same time.” A lot of students don’t have classes with their friends, and the library is the best place to meet up with friends and catch up.

However, there are some other perks of the Learning Commons. Ms. Gill, the librarian, made ‘library lunch,’ where students can eat lunch in peace and quiet instead of the loudness of the cafeteria. Megan Ralph, who is in 7th grade, has 3rd lunch. “I don’t want to eat lunch with the 8th graders. They’re older than me and I’ve found a few seventh graders I can enjoy a nice lunch in the library with. It’s quiet, less rowdy, and you can always do another activity after you eat lunch.” It’s not just Megan- many students like eating in the library for its activities and because there isn’t much chaos.

The Landrum Library is not your typical library- it has become a trendy place where many students love to hang out. Will this catch on in other schools? Maybe, but remember- the next time you’re catching up with friends or tearing into a sandwich, you can also check out one of the thousands of books the library has to offer!