We Are The Champions!


Grace Theiler

Landrum Middle School’s football team won the District Championship beating Murray Middle School with an late game interception. The team finished with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss.

“I think the team has had a good season,” stated Nathan Hernandez, linebacker, only losing one game this season against Murray, 20 to 6! The team’s most recent game was against Gamble Rogers, on November 8, 2018. That was the last game of the season, the league’s championship. Landrum won eight to six, and proudly took home the championship trophy.

Many students believe that the Landrum Middle School football team’s success is attributed to their physical fitness. According to Dylan Brown, defensive lineman, the Landrum team does many things to warm up for their games. This includes Lions Jacks, sprints, karaoke, side shuffle, jogging, dynamics, and more. “Don’t forget we do aerobics on Tuesdays,” laughed Michael Daniels, defensive lineman.

The bond between the coaches and the players are strong. According to Isabella Hernandez, a Landrum cheerleader, Football Coach Todd Fordham has a son on the team named Cooper Fordham. Cooper is a captain, an eighth grader, plays linebacker and tight end, and is number 10 on the team. Cooper thinks it’s good to have his dad as his coach. “I feel like it makes you work harder as a player,” he explains.

The team can be very compassionate and caring. According to Cooper Fordham, the Landrum Middle School football team doesn’t acquire or play developing sixth graders, so they will not be overwhelmed or injured by the other teams’ bigger, stronger players. They will get their chance in a year or two, as seventh or eighth graders.

According to sources like Lily Toole, Madison O’Reilly, and others, the team had a successful season. Let’s see if next year they can hold on to the championship title for another season.