Does Social Media Help or Hurt You?

Ava Pollock

Nowadays, when someone talks about their ‘story,’ chances are they probably don’t mean something you read in language arts. Social media is a growing craze that people consider essential to help them in their daily lives- but does it help you or hurt you?

Graysen Gaskins, a seventh grader, believes that social media distracts you from life. “So many people are on social media these days, and they don’t actually live in the moment or enjoy the things they do.” Social media can make you constantly think about improving your profile page and not so much about the exciting things you are doing.

Social media can also affect grades. A study from the University of Rhode Island showed that some students spent six-to-eight hours per day on sites like Instagram and Facebook while finishing their homework. This can cause you to be more focused on how many likes your posts have than studying for a test. However, social media isn’t all bad.

Grace Theiler believes that social media helps her express herself. “Social media is a way to express your opinions and who you are in a fun, creative way.” Social media lets people show who they are without having to feel embarrassed or scared.

Not only does it help you be unique, social media also lets you communicate with friends, family, and people you may not talk to often. Megan Ralph likes social media because she’s able to talk to friends in far states. “I have their Snapchat- so now I can text them, send them photos, call them, and see what they’re doing from their stories.” Being able to talk to friends and family in faraway places is a great ability to have.

The controversy of social media has been a huge debate for the longest time. There’s plenty of evidence to prove that these sites have negative effects, but they also help people in certain ways. One thing’s for sure: people who use social media need to use it safely and responsibly. If you’re careful and don’t overuse it, social media can be a good thing.