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Extreme Pets at Xtreme Exotics!

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Extreme Pets at Xtreme Exotics!

Ava Everly and Priscilla Rodrigeuz

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Ferrets, groundhogs, opossums, lizards, snakes, almost too many to name! These animals can be kept as wonderful, unique, pets! And Xtreme Exotics is a great place to get them. Located on Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, you can buy all of those animals and more! You can even special order animals. Special order means that you can contact the owner of the store, request an animal to buy, and he may possibly sell it to you.

Xtreme exotics was created by 31 year- old, Steve Brezil in 2005. He was told before he started the business, that he would never succeed. In response to that, he opened up this store, and has become a great and helpful business. Steve has many animals of his own at home. 107 in total! He has almost too many to name. “We got too many Bengals (cats) at one time, so we started calling them by their colors… so now they answer to blue, charcoal, and red.” Steve also has 14- foot king cobras, crocodiles, an endangered lemur, and even a sloth. He spends 3,000 to 4,000 dollars a month on his animals at home. The cats eat 160 pounds of chicken a week!

Although Steve has not traveled the world, he has traveled around the country. He travels to find animal breeders and gets animals from them. He tries to find new animals every time the store needs to restock. Steve also adopts rescue animals. He works with his friends and keeps the store very organized. The employees can answer almost every question you ask. There is not just pets that are sold at Xtreme exotics, tanks decorations, exotic pet food are sold there too. The store is almost like a pet grocery store. People don’t have to buy anything from the store. You can go in just to look at the animals.You might get lucky and see one of Steve’s personal pets from home!

Steve’s family has grown to like reptiles, His dad helps him take care of the animals at home and he also designs terrariums. Steve does not have a favorite animal “but I am fond to monitors”He says. Steve’s first animal was a day gecko. Day geckos are green geckos with big eyes. He lost the day gecko right before his science project, which was about why geckos climb on walls. He bought a leopard gecko’ not knowing that they don’t climb walls. Steve plans to open an animal sanctuary in the spring of 2019.Hewill possibly open a bigger store too. Steve has seen a baby kangaroo brought into the store as well as venomous snakes, and monkeys. He makes sure animals are going to a safe and good home. If you can no longer take care of the pet, he will buy it back. Steve says the hardest animal to take care of are the monkeys. The easiest pets are the crested geckos. Xtreme exotics also does reptile birthday parties.Animals will be chosen by Steve. To do an in- store party it is $250. To do at a house is $300. They alsodo pet sitting for $10 a day. Steve says “Reptiles are underestimated, and smarter than we think they are.”

Reptiles are easy to take care of when you know how to care for them.

So, if you want something more exotic than a cat or dog than go to Xtreme Exotics and find your dreampet. Whether it be a snake, lizard, chameleon or gecko to a tarantula, flying squirrel, chinchilla or ferret,Xtreme exotics will have the pet for you.










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Extreme Pets at Xtreme Exotics!