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Do You Fortnite?

Andrew Lazenby

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Fortnite is a game that most kids know and love, but why do they love the game so much? First off Fortnite is free, second of all Fortnite is an online multiplayer game where 100 online players drop in from a plane deploy a parachute then land and collect weapons in order to battle to the death. But some people get too addicted to it, for some people play it all day and ignore other things. Naya Kennedy said that, “Its fun to play but boys are getting too addicted to it and are not paying attention to anything else.” Although most people think Fortnite is the best game ever, some people think that Fortnite is the worst game ever. Vincent Zummo is one of those people and says that Fortnite is a waste of time and an all around horrible game and that it is meant for little kids. But its competitor is a game called Player Uknown Battle Grounds otherwise known as PUBG. The people who don’t like Fortnite usually like PUBG because it is the same thing but more realistic and on the computer it has better graphics. Some people play Fortnite all day on the weekends and spend their time playing after school when they could be doing other things like hanging out with friends or playing sports. For some people winning Fortnite is like getting a 100 on an easy test but for others it is as easy as tying a shoe. Some people are so proud of their wins that they post them on their Instagram story. Also some people can spend up to $100 or more on Fortnite skins and emotes and different style pickaxes. Avery Erwin said that he has spent $10 dollars to get the season 3 battle pass.

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Do You Fortnite?