How does the Holiday Season affects your Mood?

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How does the Holiday Season affects your Mood?

Christian Carvin-Jones, Julianna Barnecett

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The Holiday season is filled with decorating, family, and food along with the jolly emotion we all feel when we go Christmas tree shopping or when we start the decorating of the tree. Like the classic Christmas carols we hear over the radio or at our doorstep, we feel the warm feeling of the Christmas spirit throughout the month of December. Anything to do with Christmas we freak out over. The commercials, the sales, and the ham its all great but, does it actually change how we feel? Is there any difference between how we feel in April compared to December in this season. We’re sorry in advance.

Like many others, Taylor Brown enjoys this extravaganza of a season. She enjoys the cold and the peppermint everything everywhere. On your trees [Peppermint Bark], in your drinks, and in your food. This month has actually been cold, surprising, we know. This is what helps Taylor enjoy this season a little bit more. She does think that this very special season impacts your everyday mood. All because of Christmas.

On the other hand Harjun Singh thinks otherwise. Saying it doesn’t really do anything for him. He even waits TWO WEEKS after Thanksgiving to start preparing for the Holiday Season. Even though most prepare right after Thanksgiving Day. Yes we love our turkey but, we’d rather eat ham. Except for again, Harjun. Is he a Scrooge or a Grinch, You decide. But none the less there is one thing he especially looks forward to, that is Eggnog.

Ella McCormick is what we like to call our basic Christmas girl. She starts preparing right after Halloween. Someone is hungry for ham. She, like all of us looks forward to the presents, presents, and more presents. But who doesn’t is the real question?

We Floridians have it easy. All we get in winter is just a cold breeze and a cold morning. This lets us not completely layer every single part of our body. Unlike in the north, they have to layer, layer and layer. This lack of layering can help us not feel uncomfortable. Meaning we can enjoy the cold feeling of winter, without oddly puffy jackets and weird looking hats/beanies.

But, we do enjoy the cold sometimes. Like how we can bundle up next to the fire making it feel homey. Or the hot chocolate in our favorite store, Starbucks. All because we want to be able to feel the warmth in our homes from the winter season.

Overall the winter season helps us feel happy and jolly. Not because of the presents, well partially (Ella McCormick). But because we all feel like we’re not in Florida. We don’t feel the heat at every, single waking moment of the day. We feel like we are in a winter wonderland, where we don’t have to wear every single warm clothing item we own also because we can enjoy hot chocolate without sweating up a storm in our pajamas that are fresh from Bath & Body Works. We do have a few Grinches here and there, but we all know the winter and Christmas season make us feel jolly inside.


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