How To Study For Your Midterm


Bella Salzbrunn

Almost all of the students at Landrum are starting to freak out about the upcoming midterms. With up to 7 classes to study for, everyone is probably scared. However, if you are nervous too, here are some helpful tips to stay on track and do well on your midterm.

First of all, don’t cram information. Cramming has been proven to lead to stress, fear and anxiety when taking a test. Three in every five LMS students cram before tests, which has been proven to lead to worse test scores. 7th grader, Melissa Marino, says, “Study in advance and don’t cram… then you’ll be more successful.”  However, we can all agree that there is one main reason for cramming the night before your midterm, procrastinating.

Procrastination is a very common issue among Landrum students, which in turn leads to cramming. However, procrastination is only a symptom. Distraction, being overwhelmed, and fear of failure are usually the main reasons behind procrastination. So, when you’re preparing for midterm, just relax and don’t stress over it. Start studying a week or two in advance and don’t overwhelm yourself with information. To support, Emily Dorairaj, 7th grader, says, “Procrastination may seem okay when you’re doing it, but procrastinating will just make you more stressed and later you’ll definitely wish you hadn’t.” Staying focused and studying well will of course benefit you, but one of the most important things to remember is to study your way.

Whether it’s notecards, study guides or quizlet, use the method that helps you the most. You know more than anyone which way will benefit you and your grades the most. However, using color coding, rewarding yourself, and taking often study breaks in addition to your own methods will be extra beneficial. Ella McCarthy, 7th grader, says, “My go to strategies are study guides and highlighters because they always help the information stick in my brain.” Also, Charlotte King, adds, “Writing in blue ink has been proven to trigger the left side of your brain to help you memorize.” Overall, much evidence has been found that proves studying a way that you are accustomed to will make you more successful.

In conclusion, staying on track and studying well is important to help you do well on your midterm. Not cramming info, not procrastinating and studying your way will be very beneficial to your grades. And don’t freak out about it, you’ve got this.