Winter Food Trends

Ella McCarthy and Bella Salzbrunn

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With Christmas right around the corner, Landrum students are looking forward to chilly weather, winter break and most importantly, the food! From gingerbread to peppermint, there are a plethora of seasonal treats to choose from. However, many are in love with sugar cookies, including Stephanie Watson, a 7th grader who thinks, “They are so delicious, especially the Pillsbury ones with the stamps!” Many more foods are taking over the winter season, though.

Hot cocoa is a holiday favorite. Jules Ruiz and Mackenzie Leverock, 7th graders both say “Hot Cocoa AHHHHHHHH” Expressing their love for the chocolatey drink. Landrum’s favorite winter drink is hot chocolate. Emily Dorairaj, a 7th grader, also added, “I love hot cocoa, it is definitely one of my favorites!” Most people agree, and some even say hot chocolate is their favorite dessert over cookies and other sweets. However, hot chocolate isn’t the only thing LMS students have been fired up about.

Peppermint, a massive trend for decades, is still one of the biggest holiday crazes. The majority of students like peppermint. Paige Macko, a 7th grader, says, “Peppermint is so good. It puts you in the holiday spirit.” Peppermint is very festive and is a winter favorite. Students favorite Starbucks drinks are all peppermint. They like either peppermint hot chocolate or the peppermint mocha. Avery Kries, a 7th grader, says, “I like the peppermint mochas from Starbucks. They’re so chocolatey.” Others like Charlotte King, 7th grader, say, “I hate Starbucks” Although some people hate Starbucks, they still enjoy peppermint.

Cookies have always been a holiday Tradition. From sugar cookies to chocolate chip cookies Landrum students can’t get enough. Ava Poole, a 7th grader, says. “I love sugar cookies.” Sugar cookies are many people’s favorites because they can be decorated. “I love decorating sugar cookies with my friends, it’s my favorite part of the holidays!” says Paige Macko. Others, though, like chocolate chip cookies more, including Ainsleigh Mahan, 7th grader, who says, “They’re really good right out of the oven when they’re still warm.” It doesn’t matter what kind of cookie, cookies are evidently a winter favorite.

One of the most common winter food trends out there is gingerbread. Many enjoy decorating gingerbread houses and cookies, including Emmery Harrington, who says, “They are fun to decorate, and are by far my favorite winter treat!” Melissa Marino, an LMS 7th grader, added, “Gingerbread cookies taste good. They have a unique flavor.” Gingerbread has been a cute, tasty holiday treat for decades. The fun, winter tradition has become extremely popular over time and is a tradition for many people.

Overall, winter is primetime for food trends. From, hot chocolate to gingerbread cookies the options are endless. Paige Macko says, “The winter season brings the best types of food and drinks!” which the students at Landrum couldn’t agree with anymore. The most significant trend for this winter season is hot chocolate. Cookies are also a favorite, and people love to decorate them for the holidays. The wintertime is the most popular time for food and drink trends.