Xbox vs Playstation

Bryce Crow, Noah Mikle

Xbox and Play Station have been a huge rivalry since they both came out. But now it is the Xbox Series X versus the PS5. They both have next generation upgrades and new controllers.

“I think that the Xbox will have an advantage with how fast its load time will be and its frame rate” said Daniel Jerome.

The Xbox is tall and has a port where you can put in a disc to play. So many people called it a mini fridge that Xbox acutely made a fridge that looks like the console. The Xbox has exclusive games that come out with the console. The exclusive game for the Xbox series x is Halo Infinite. Xbox is also releasing the Xbox Series S which will be fully digital. Some people call the console a next generation PC because of how fast it runs and its frame rate. The Xbox Series X has been sold out in some stores for over a month. The Xbox has some special editions like the Cyberpunk 2077 edition. The console comes with one controller and a game if it is a special edition console. Xbox has some Xbox only games like the whole entire Forza series.

“I might get the Xbox Series X later in time but not now” said Brian Crowley

The PS5 is very slim and a lot of people call it a WIFI router. A cream cheese company made a cheesecake maker that looks exactually like the PS5. It is even called the Philly series five. The PS5 also has exclusive games like the Xbox does. Some of these games are Gran Turismo seven and Stray. The PS5 has also been very successful, that some stores have already run out of the console. Some people say that the PS5 controller copied the Xbox controller. Unlike Xbox the PS5 does not have any special editions. The PS5 also comes with one controller that looks similar to the Xbox controller.

“I have never really used a PS5 or a PlayStation at all and I won’t be getting the PS5 either” Said Brian Crowley

There is not just the PS5 and Xbox there is other consoles and devices people like to play on instead of a console. Like a Nintendo switch. The Switch is a smaller gaming device that you can take on the go. Some people say that it’s like a tablet but made only for gaming. Others say that the Switch is too slow and is not good because it is two separate controllers, and it is too small to hold. The switch has the regular version and the lite version which is smaller.

“I like to play on my switch because it is smaller and I can take it on the go” said Daniel Jerome

Overall, there are a lot of consoles that you can play on but the two new ones that are next generation and popular now are the Xbox Series X and the PS5.