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Stefan Cristea and Rudra Patel

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Landrum students have no privacy. Yes, they have privacy when talking to teachers/deans,

yes they have privacy when taking a test, yes they have privacy over their grades, and yes they

have privacy over their emails. But no, students do not have privacy in bathrooms. And this is

because some bathrooms lack doors.

”I think bathrooms should be private, I mean that’s their purpose,” says eighth-grader Joey

Neddo, as well as many other students. But, do Landrum students have privacy in bathrooms?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Vaping is the recent trend critical to students’ health, both emotionally and physically is

a major problem. Schools have been working hard to stop students from vaping, with ads or

public awareness. However, with doors, students will be able to vape more easily, do drugs,

consume alcohol, and even bully other people.

”It’s really up to the students to do the right or wrong thing, it’s a personal option. Are the

doors going to be the problem or the students,” exclaims Dean Grall. People might say it is up to

the students to be responsible and do the right thing and other people might say that it is the

school’s responsibility to deliver the proper punishment for prohibited actions like vaping.

“I think doors should be taken off because I don’t like the idea of drugs or vaping,” said

eighth-grader Billy Leonard.  Most of the time, students don’t understand what they are doing.

They can’t change on their own.

”I think it’s up to the schools to deal with vaping,” replies eighth-grader Sam Evans. ”Kids

need privacy, it’s really annoying for other people to know your business. “Students have been

badly misusing the bathrooms with little privacy they have, it’s they either mess around in the

bathrooms or decide to leave permanent symbols[graffiti].

Landrum students have privacy everywhere…except bathrooms. Is this good or bad? Why

can’t teachers watch and reprimand students who do wrong things? Would this be obstruction

of privacy? These are all matters of personal opinion. Students are very scared of getting into

trouble by teachers but they still do wrong things, so should schools have bathroom doors, or