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Pete Behringer a real life WIlly Wonka.

Melania Arnold, Amelia Coker, and Sarah Peterson

Did you ever wonder if there was a place like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Well there may not be Oompa Loompa’s running around everywhere, but Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop is the closest you are going to get to being in the famous candy shop. Sweet Pete’s started out as a small little business in Springfield, IL. Owner, Peter Behringer explained “Markus Lemonis (The Profit) became our business partner, we expanded to City Hall and then expanded more to Jacksonville.” That’s when Sweet Pete’s business boomed into a successful candy shop. When Sweet Pete’s first started Mr.Behlringer didn’t have many expectations for the business, but he stated “ I had standards of course but I took a big leap of faith when we expanded and thankfully they paid off.” We are also thankful that he took that risk because now Sweets Pete’s is a successful business with stores all around the United States.

Anyone who wants to go into a business should have a vision or an expectation and Mr.Behringer is no different, he elaborated “ my advice to be successful at your business, you must carefully plan the launch and growth of your business with a solid business plan. Any business man has their fair share of work to do around the clock, Peter Behringer noted “Since I am the owner I mostly stay in my office and do paperwork, but sometimes I get out and talk to my customers to see what could be improved.” So, the key to be a successful entrepreneur is to work hard, listen to your costumers, and have a solid plan in mind.

Another way to have a good business is to have a catchy name or slogan for your business. Sweet Pete’s is a great example because its catchy and it rhymes. Mr. Behringer when questioned explained “Well my nickname when I was little was Pete and my wife came up with Sweet Pete’s and it just stuck with me.” So when thinking of a business name what you should do is listen to everyone, and who knows maybe it will be the next big thing. One more thing that you will need if you want to start a business is a location. Location is arguably one of the most important details when starting a business.

If you want an abundance of customers to come to your business on a day to day basis, you are encouraged to be in an area near malls or where a lot of people pass through. Pete Behringer specified “I think our location is pretty great, we are in downtown Jacksonville and it is always busy. Also we share a building with a restaurant so it is perfect, if you want a treat after dinner you just cross the hall.” What a convenience is it that Sweet Pete’s shares a building with Candy Apple Café, it will attract more customers from both businesses.

So, with all this in mind Pete Behringer has one big hope for his customers who enter his store, he passionately explained “I love making people happy, I want my candy shop to bring people joy when people come in just like when I was in my parents candy shop, I always loved going to my parents store and trying all the new candy and chocolate.” His hope has definitely came true, that’s is exactly how people feel, it doesn’t matter how old you are, whenever you walk into Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop you will always feel like a kid in a candy store.