Depression in Teenagers

Oren Dajci

“I’m fine”, your teenager says at the dinner table after only eating two bites of food, walking back to their room and leaving all that food on their plate; why is it that teenagers always seem moody? Well maybe your teenager has some early signs of depression. It is common for teens to have mood swings but if they are sad for more than two weeks, you might want to keep watch on them.

According to, if they are having symptoms such as loss of interest in hobbies, sudden sadness or madness, low self-esteem and frequent thoughts of death or suicide they might be depressed. If they do have symptoms, you may need to be diagnosed by a doctor for depression. Be aware of these dangerous signs of teenager depression.

One dangerous thing to look out for is teenagers becoming more energized and happy. states that if they have become this way with no apparent change in what is making them depressed they may be in danger. Sometimes when this happens, it is because they have a sense of relief in coming to a resolution; teenagers may be happy because they are planning to end their life soon

One way to stop depression is just to stop it before it happens. According to, most teenagers do not develop depression when environment that promotes helping and solving problems rather than shunning teenagers for problems. Teenagers will feel much better about themselves and will have a less likely chance of developing depression.

Another step in stopping depression is recognizing depression is there. Most people dismiss early signs as just a mood or a phase, but sometimes it can be much more serious than that. Listen to your teenager and see how they act if they have signs of depression, act immediately. Do not wait until it becomes more of a problem because by then it might cause more damage.

Teenager depression can lead to much worse effects then just mood changes. Often in depression, teenagers look to for ways to nullify their concerns. states that some of these are very harmful to teenagers and can leave permanent damage to the teenager. These include cutting themselves, substance abuse, and in the worst-case scenario, suicide.

Once you recognize depression and a doctor diagnoses you, you want to choose a good medicine. Your doctor may prescribe you medicine; there are several different types of medicine though. If your doctor gives you medicine that is not working do not be afraid to tell them. Sometimes you just need to make sure you are getting the right treatment.

Usually treatment with medicine can take anywhere from two to twelve weeks. If you are experiencing a sudden change in happiness, it is usually a bad sign. Medicine works by balancing your levels of feel-good neurochemicals in your brain. Sudden happiness is usually a sign of placebo or a side effect of the medicine, if a person becomes suddenly happy you should contact your doctor.

If you are becoming reliant on your medicine you should not brush that aside. According to that may mean that you are becoming addicted to the medicine. If you are then you should try to take another one or stop taking depression medicine. There are several other ways to relieve yourself of depression like therapy and getting out of your bubble and going outside and exercising

Finally, if you get rid of your depression make sure to stop it from happening again. Think of what caused your depression in the first place and try to distance yourself from that or fix that. If you have a disorder work on treatment to help stop it. Eliminate the threat of depression again and you can live your life to the fullest.