Exam Stress at LMS


Molly Schmachtenberger, Kate Simone

The majority of students in Landrum Middle School are overwhelmed by the midterms happening this week, yet others are not worried about midterms and just want to get them over with to enjoy winter break.

Many of the students are prioritizing their core classes. For instance, Wimberly Townsend explained, “I am only stressed about studying for world history and science. I am planning on studying the weekend before to be prepared for those midterms.”

Although sixth graders haven’t experienced midterms before, they are feeling stressed already. Lizzie Gentile stated, “I’m scared and stressed for my midterms because I have no idea what they are like.” This is suggesting that she doesn’t know what is coming but she wants to be prepared.

Most students like the schedule around midterms but have a couple of suggestions. For example, Sunny Day said, “I like how we do two midterms a day but I think we should be able to leave after our midterms.” Sunny went on to explain that there is no point in staying through a whole day of school when the teachers aren’t allowed to review or teach new curriculum. She believes that we should be released right after our second midterm.

Others disagree with Sunny. Lila Kirkley describes, “I like having two midterms a day, but I find the end of the day very confusing.” Lila believes that we shouldn’t have a mixed up schedule after midterms. Although it is hard to schedule the end of the day after midterms, she believes that the schedule should be a little more organized and a little less perplexing.

Most kids we interviewed are planning to either not study at all or study the night before that midterm. For example, Chad Schmachtenberger exclaimed, “I am not going to study for any of my midterms, but I am a little worried about losing my phone.” Chad later explained how he is not that concerned about the midterms because they aren’t a big part of his grade. He is planning to wing all of his exams, crossing his fingers he will get an ‘A’ in order to keep his phone. Many other students agree with Chad’s plan for the midterms. Madison Purdy said, “I am planning on blowing the exams off and I’m going to wing it hoping to get a good grade.” Madison said that she was going to try to find time to study but she doesn’t think studying is necessary.

Unlike most people, Kathy Miller is planning to study for all of her classes. She is very concerned about her grades and wants to be prepared for the exams. “I am planning to study for all my tests a good week before, in order to perform well of my midterms,” explained Kathy Miller. She wants more of her teachers to give her study guides to make it easier to study. Josh Elias agrees with Kathy Miller. “I am hard-core studying this weekend for all my midterms, this coming up week,” said Josh Elias. Josh is preparing for his midterms by reading over all of his notes.

As a final point, the data that was collected about how the midterms are affecting students shows all of the different ways students are preparing for midterms. The majority of the students are studying for their exams, but there are a good amount of students who are planning on winging it.