Chewing Gum in School

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Chewing Gum in School

Charlie Marasciullo

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Chewing gum and bubble gum have been around for decades. Since gums first appearance
9,000 years ago we’ve created many variations of the sticky treat. Chewing gums first
appearance was in 1848 thanks to its inventor John Curtis. He invented the first commercial
spruce tree gum. According to the article “Chew on This: The History if Gum” he made it by
boiling resin then cutting it into strips that were coated in cornstarch to prevent the gum from
being too sticky. Curtis has already made the first chewing gum factory in Portland, Maine by
the early 1850’s. The origin of bubble gum is a different story though. In 1928 an employee for
Wrigley had successfully made the first commercial bubble gum. This gum is now known as
Dubble Bubble. Nowadays, gum is very popular with children and adults. From why students
chew gum in class to why teachers hate it here’s how chewing and bubble gum are veiwed in
Students chewing gum in school is no “foreign” topic. We see it in real life and in many
movies as well. We all must admit that we’ve chewed a piece of gum or two during our school
career. Teachers dislike it but students still chew gum anyways. They wonder why students still
rebel and decide to chew the gum anyways. Although, chewing gum is permitted in some
classrooms but it comes with some strict guidelines. According to 7th grader Tashianna Coleman
“I like to blow bubbles and I enjoy the mint flavor.” 7th grader Emma Atkins also says “It’s nice
because it gives you minty breath.” Moreover, 6th grader Amanda Fernandez says “Chewing
gum is fun and it helps keep you awake.” Undeniably, students will chew gum no matter what a
teacher says. The article “Health Benefits of Gum Chewing” says that chewing gum can increase
focus, improve memory, and reduce stress. Thus, all students chew gum in school because it
helps the focus and they like the minty flavor.
Everyone knows the infamous phrase “spit out your gum!” said by any teacher you’ve ever
had. Many ask “Why do teachers despise this chewy, sticky treat?” You may be shocked but
teachers have many reasons for this and to manipulate you is not one of them. “Chewing gum
annoys teachers because students stick it underneath the desk.” Says 6th grader Ella Frantz.
Without a doubt, we’ve all experienced gum horror stories. Some students have been yelled at by
teachers and others have joined the teachers side because of an incident. Former teacher Gail
Dubay claims “When I was teaching kids loved to chew bubble gum so all I heard from the
begging of the day to the end was smacking. That was so annoying so I knew I had to come up
with a solution!” Her solution to this problem resulted in an art project. Gail put a poster board
by the entry way so in the beginning of the day students would put their gum on the poster board
in an abstract fashion. Though it might seem gross to some she claims that the solution had great
results. Therefore, teachers dislike chewing gum in class because of the distraction and the mess
it creates.
Chewing gum has been around for decades and has brought joy to many and frustration to
others. From students to teachers everyone has a different opinion and claims about chewing
gum during class time. That’s how chewing gum is veiwed by teachers and students in schools.
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